As you have seen I have religiously been using a few products from a local Vancouver company, Merlette.

I was introduced to the company many months ago on the strive for finding something natural to help some of the issues I was having with my skin. I was breaking out more regularly, my skin looked tired and weathered and was starting to see the signs of aging.

I was given a few products to try and immediately fell in love with them, the way they made my skin feel refreshed and alive again. In the few months, i  started to see the gain of elasticity, a cleaner clear complexion and the hydrating boost leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth.

Linked HERE is my review on the products i fell in love with !

As I have had to seek extra help in my skin, I continue to use products from merlette in my daily routine, and especially more so while this weather transitions from winter to spring and we get the last little bit of snowfall.

Today I have teamed up with Merlette to give one of you the chance to win some of my favorite products to help get you through the transition as well!

You will win the following :

All you have to do is :

Good Luck! 😉

Winner Announced March 2nd!




Thank You Merlette For The Sponsorship .

Author: The Life Of A Simple Girl

I am just a simple girl, in a simple world wanting simple things. I choose to live happily not lavishly. I have not lived a perfect life, I have not made the best decisions, but as I get older and wiser I get my eyes open to opportunity and I have discovered the girl I am and continue to aim to be. Each day I choose my life and its next sea of opportunities, so each day I reach to be the best version of myself self I truly could be watch and learn with me through the journey of my "Simple" life.

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